Protect Louisiana Children

Say NO to Gender Integrated Bathrooms in Louisiana Public Schools

Due to actions by the Obama administration, the safety of the women and children in Louisiana has been compromised. The President has affirmed a "new civil right" for "transgendered" individuals to enter the restrooms and locker rooms in our schools (700,000 + children) based on their self-perceived gender identity.

President Obama considers sexual orientation and gender identity the same as sex in enforcement of civil rights protections. The Obama administration is now enforcing those mandates onto the public schools in our state. Governor Edwards’ executive order arguably introduces the same action in public employment and includes private employers contracting with the state.

Please join LFF in petitioning the Louisiana Governor and our Attorney General to protect the safety of our children. By means of this petition we are encouraging:

  1. Governor John Bel Edwards to amend his executive order to make it clear that it in no way affords an individual the right to use a restroom or locker room other than by biological sex OR to rescind his executive order.
  2. Attorney General Jeff Landry to use every means possible to protect our state from this incredible federal overreach. We also call on Attorney General Landry to consider the constitutionality of Governor Edwards' Executive Order and to issue an official AG opinion on this issue.

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